Fast Freddy Features

Reel in large diameter hose, cables or extension cords, in seconds!

Operators have the ability to position the winder anywhere on the jobsite while reeling in hose with a manual crank handle. Designed for one-man operation the Fast Freddy can quickly reel in and wind up hose and extension cords fast and easy leaving you with a neatly rolled stack.

The Fast Freddy prevents back injuries and reduces fatigue as the operator always maintains an upright posture to quickly wind up and stack cables for later use.

Available in a stand-alone, wall-mount or hitch-mount models the Fast Freddy winder can neatly stack hose and extension cords in the field, in the shop or on the job site.

Download the owner’s manual which contains detailed instructions on how to operate the winder. The owner’s manual also contains detailed safety instructions and the manufacturer’s product warranty.

Heavy-duty Construction

The Fast Freddy winder is made of 2 inch square tube for commercial duty strength and durability. The winding mechanism uses two sealed single 3/4" Pillow Block bearings for smooth operation. The face-plate is laser cut from one-piece 3/16" aluminum. All wear points are constructed from aluminum or frictionless fairleads. Eight open tie slots are cut into the face plate to easily secure the wound cable with twine.


The Fast Freddy is ideal for large diameter hose such as lay-flat hose. Four aluminum spring actuated detent arms flip out to conveniently increase reel capacity to a maximum 11.5" inside diameter and lock in place or collapse behind the reel. This allows greater flexibility is controlling the size openings of hose being wound for hanging on hooks.


The full-palm grip crank handle spins freely on a strong stainless steel shaft for quick and easy winding. The crank handle is removable and slips into a convenient holder when not in use. The crank handle pins, roller pins and detent locks are made of stainless steel to prevent rust.


A unique Fair Lead using frictionless non-abrasive hose guide rollers made from Ultra High Molecular Weight polyethylene (UHMW) helps guide the hose when winding while preventing abrasive damage. The vertical rollers on the Fair Lead are adjustable with ratchet action thumbscrews to accommodate different hose widths.


Simple in its design and built with the highest quality materials the Fast Freddy is virtually maintenance free and will stand up to the most demanding conditions of any industrial application.

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